“Burke’s the Butcher. Hare’s the Thief.

Knox the Boy who buys the Beef.”

The World Premiere

A Brand New Music Production


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FLESH the Musical

BURKE and HARE as you have never seen them, in this new, black comedy musical.

Flesh the Musical

Flesh the Musical

The premiere of a fast, furious and funny rock musical that takes a wry take on the story of Burke and Hare – Irish navvies induced by the Edinburgh medical elite to turn their hands to murdering for profit.

A high quality, humorous musical theatre extravaganza. Folk rock with Celtic overtones. Music, drama, comedy, dance and theatre all in one! Who would be daft enough to put on a musical about serial killers at the Fringe? That would be us!


Performance space: Grand Theatre

Accessible entry: Venue is on the first floor.

Wheelchair access type: Building Lift

Stairs: None