Anna Scott

Playing the role of Mag, William Hare’s partner and owner of the Tanner’s Close Boarding House where most of the murders were committed, is 20-year old Anna Scott, another product of Preston Lodge High School. Anna is studying English and Scottish literature at Edinburgh University. She also has a day job as a Pennypit Trust community and youth worker where she works with the elderly, children and families in need around Prestonpans.

  She has been involved in amateur dramatics for the past ten years picking up roles such as Louisa in The Sound of Music’, Marty in Grease, Mrs Brannigan in Back in the 80’s, Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act, and many more, all somewhat removed from the scrawny, scranky wizened jade of our Mag. [Don’t judge by her photographs; she’s a good impersonator!]. She also sings live in gigs around local pubs in East Lothian, as well as playing hockey and rugby for Edinburgh University Ladies Rugby team and travelling the length and breadth of the country.

 Anna says her favourite song – by far – is ‘Sailing to America’. ‘It’s so amazing to have everyone on stage singing such a catchy and fun-to-sing piece. But I love the other songs too, especially the ballads and those involving the whole cast.’

She thinks it’s going to be a lot of fun playing Mag’s character with her swaying moral compass and sharp tongue. Will the audience love her or hate her? That might depend on your political viewpoint. Bring on the Revolution!



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Hilary Ballantyne ️

We absolutely loved this show from start to finish. It was informative in a creative way. The storyline was punchy, never a dull moment which meant we were sorry when it finished. The music was superb – I found myself singing the songs in my head after the show. It was well acted and very professional. Well done to all involved and go to see this if you get the chance

Sheena McIntosh

Brilliant! Exposing the horror through music, gags and dance. Great performance by the grey-haired men of law. Does the end justify the means? Bruke and Hare are guilty but society pushed and pulled. Loved the use of Scots, Latin, English, Northern Irish and Irish to show the complexity, and the dancing that let us share their fear, love and hope. I left wanting to learn more.

Alison Wilson️

Loved this show, 5 stars from me and would highly recommend. This show is the story of Burks and Hare and their dark endeavours. The script is witty, despite the dark theme and the music is excellent and catchy. The cast were all excellent, and I really enjoyed this look back at this infamous duo whose activities in Edinburgh are told in stories from generation to generation. This show adds a different dimension to this well kent story.
Well done to the writers and cast. If you haven’t seen this show yet – put it on you list, you won’t be disappointed

Alan Rose

Flesh is an entertaining romp through a dark episode in criminality (and anatomy). It packs a lot into the time with humour, effective storytelling, a great score and inventive choreography. Lots of moving parts and a sizable cast which all worked together very well.

It promises “a wry take on” as opposed to “a history of” Burke and Hare and for me it delivered completely in a very enjoyable 90 mins. If you are walking up the road away from a show and hear other departing people humming the tunes it tells you something IMHO!

Darren Hogg

I loved this show. I will be going too see it again. The music was amazing and the dancing was on point. There is a lot of pop culture references all about recent events and such including a Netflix series but it is done in such a clever way. They also do break the 4th wall which I love. It’s interesting to see some of the history of Edinburgh brought back to life. The music they picked for this was definitely my favourite as the songs were all very catch and had my leg going in every song. If you only see one thing at the fringe this year go and see flesh you will not be disappointed. Also having it in surgeons hall where all the bodies ended up just makes it that much better

North West End UK

Flesh is a campy, fun jaunt through some of the darker side of Edinburgh’s history!

This tale starts at the point of Burke and Hare are arrested for the Westport murders before we travel back in time and follow them on their whirlwind killing spree. Both Jeremy Fraser and Roddy Macleod did an excellent characterization of the infamous killers, and the supporting cast were fantastic! I personally highly enjoyed Anna Scott as Mag, she did a great job at portraying the kind of character you love to hate, and Alison Henry as Nell had a fantastic voice. Frank Burr was a delight in the role of Dr Knox.

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John Montgomery

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   The flamboyant period costumes worn by our cast in FLESH have been provided by ALLEGRO from their enormous wardrobe of period costumes and accessories