The Music

Powerful and memorable songs carry the storyline and the characters through this exciting new musical production.

Additionally, professional studio-mixed audio tracks will be used in the live show to give the actors the absolute highest quality of backing music during their performance.

Here are some excerpts from some of the songs in the show with a brief description of what the song is about…

Song Title

Audio Excerpt

Hey Ho

This is the beer drinking song from the opening scene in the Tavern – its the cast and soloists welcoming the Celtic New year the Samhain’ pronounced ‘Sow-in’ as you hear in the song! It’s a chance to get a first glimpse of the characters and their intentions!

Whisky is the Bait

Anne and her love interest Thomas spy on the goings on at Tanner’s Close, realising there is a lot more going on in town than just grave robbers stealing from graves!

Nobody was Listening

Nell (Burke’s partner),  retreats to some solitude with the baby they have ‘aquired’ to sing of her sadness of the life she should have had!

Sailing to America

Fantasy (solos and cast) number about escaping to America, being rich and famous – with all it’s trappings. Pity it’s not true!

Golden Days

Anne falls out with Thomas after an argument and sings of her hopes for the future!

Sailing to America (full)

The complete track which will be used in the audition.

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